First Solo

Packing a suitcase, discussing a go-around and more about my first solo!

After a period of radio silence I am back at it. I published 3 new videos lately and I wanted to share those with you. Join me while I pack my suitcase or listen in on Pilot Amireh and me while we discuss the go-around phase and the differences between our aircrafts. People like you ask me questions on a regular and continues basis. I answered some of those questions in my latest video. Last but not least, I talk about my first solo flight and why I left Ryanair.

You might notice some differences in audio quality. That’s because I started using a Rode Video Mic Pro. I still didn’t manage to find the correct settings and for some reason there is a high pitch sound in the 2 upper videos. In case you have an idea of how to remove that please help me out by leaving a comment below. Much appreciated 🙂

Interested in the prints from Retro Patents? This is there website:
Did you ask me a question but I didn’t answer it in the Q&A video? Perhaps I did in the latest Q&A article.
Still in for more? I recorded my first solo, you can watch it right here.

Stay tuned for an exciting collaboration with another YouTuber! I going to keep his/her name a secret for a little bit longer.


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